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Samsung Will Manufacture CPU and GPU for AMD in 2016

samsung-amd-2015-12-22-01Samsung is the reckoning force in the semiconductor industry and it has added a high profile client to its list of customers. AMD has entered into a strategic partnership deal with Samsung where the latter will manufacture CPU and GPU for the former.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a company especially known for the GPU’s that are used in the high end gaming pc and it also provides chipset that powers ps4 and the Xbox one. The partnership deal is worth highlighting as Samsung is about to use the 14nm fabrication process to make the components. Samsung is renowned for this manufacturing process which no other manufacturers such as the TSMC and Intel can match.

Samsung invested several billions to develop this technology and its compatible factories. The dividends seem to be finally paying off. Samsung also manufactures chips for AMD’s lifelong rival, NVidia. Samsung foundries and global foundries will work in sync to manufacture the components that will power the future computational devices.

The importance of the 14nm technology is that is offers more efficiency and power than the current 16 nm standard all the while occupying less amount of space on the logic board. AMD is determined to utilize this technology to the full extent as it prepares to take on its rivals with cutting edge graphical processing units.

As the smartphone division crumples, Samsung is finding rare hope in its semiconducting and display units. These units have seen phenomenal growth as the Chinese manufactures use its displays in their phones and Samsung made semiconductors find home in almost every device that we use from the iphone’s ram to the SSD in your latest computer.



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