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Galaxy S6 On the Verge of Receiving Marshmallow Update

maxresdefaultSamsung is the biggest name in the smartphone world with millions of smartphones shipped every quarter. But with many handset and their models, comes the headache of updating them to the newest version of the operating system. Now the latest reports claim that the galaxy S6 and S6 edge users in Korea will get the rare glimpse of the upcoming marshmallow update for the phone.

Like many manufacturers, Samsung is starting a beta program where the users with galaxy S6 and S6 edge handset will be able to test the beta software of the touchwiz enabled marshmallow before it gets distributed to the millions worldwide. The aim of this beta program is to test the real world performance and find the rare bugs that escape the sharp eyes of the developers and testers.

With the feedback, Samsung aims to fine-tune the marshmallow update for the galaxy S6 and make it as optimized as possible. Reports also indicated that Samsung is cutting down on the bloatware and stock apps that are rarely used. Even though nobody finds these apps useful, they eat into the precious battery and computational power thus bogging down the phone considerably.

With the launch of the galaxy S7, we will get to see the newest version of touchwiz that will have optimization and performance that rivals the excellent iOS powering the iPhone and iPad. It is also rumoured that google is helping Samsung with this optimisation as many users get their first glimpse into the android world through a galaxy device. Android would be subjected to a bad reputation if the touchwiz enabled galaxy phone doesn’t live up to the expectation and google doesn’t want that.

I suspect that Samsung won’t show the optimized touchwiz until it launches the galaxy S7 but reports indicate otherwise. Expect the marshmallow update to hit the compatible phones after Jan 18.

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