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Galaxy S5 Gets the Marshmallow Treatment

samsung-galaxy-s5-1-681x353The whole world is drooling so much on the new Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge that nobody noticed that Samsung has quietly updated its flagship of the year 2014, Galaxy S5, to Android 6.0.1 i.e. Marshmallow.

S7 was the first smartphone from Samsung to run on Android Marshmallow. Soon enough, Samsung has updated the operating system on the Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 family to Marshmallow. It has pointed out that the update will lands on more mobiles such as the S5 and Note 4 soon but refrained from mentioning a date.

The Marshmallow update is only for the unlocked variants of the Galaxy S5(model number SM-G900L) and the carrier locked versions will have the update once the network provider approves the update.

The handset that is two years old is still a very competent mobile and Samsung has aimed to refine the user experience on this device with some bug fixes and optimizations. Additional Android features such as Google Now on Tap, Doze battery management, and configurable app permissions have been cooked into this update. Samsung has also included the march security patch from google to safeguard the mobile from unwanted and suspicious elements who always snoop for the sensitive and private date.

But not much has changed in the TouchWiz section. Samsung has slowly transformed TouchWiz from a bloatware ridden user interface to a speed demon whose sole aim is efficiency and optimization like the one in the Galaxy S7. But that TouchWiz is sadly absent in this update and unnecessary apps can still be found on the phone that no one use. They still draw precious battery power and eat away the processing power.

If you are so impatient for the update or have an older abandoned phone, there are lots of custom ROMs that offer the latest and greatest offerings from google. Though they aren’t meant for the faint of the heart as these ROMs could end up bricking your phone if executed in an improper way.