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Note 6 Will Have One of Blackberry’s Best Features

blackberry-10-hubThe Galaxy S7 is just months old and we are already seeing leak pointing out the features and updates in the upcoming Note 6. Samsung is reportedly working on this device for as long as a year now and the design and its elements have been finalised before entering the mass production stage.

The phones in the Note series have always stood for productivity and the S-pen only enhances it. But Samsung seems to have taken a page from the blackberry 10 operating system. Yes, the same OS that blackberry abandoned in favour of Google’s Android. I have to point out that I currently use a blackberry Z30 and have been using for almost 2 years now. it a good phone but the lack of apps has made it dead on arrival. But I have stuck with the phone only for its blackberry hub feature. An integrated service that collects emails, text messages, social messages, notification and calendar events and acts as a centralized hub for all your smartphone activity.

For people like me who receive lots of mails, this hub is a boon and gets things done fast. It doesn’t have flashy features or graphic elements and that’s a good thing.

This feature is reportedly coming to the Note 6 in the form of an app called as Samsung focus. By just swiping to the right, you can access information and messages from apps like twitter, Gmail, hangouts, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook and reply to them without launching the respective app. Samsung focus will also organize calendar events and helps you in staying organized.

Samsung focus could be integrated into the next version of TouchWiz and may come to other devices starting with the Note 6. Personally, I think this is the next step in the evolution for the mobile operating system and could take the productivity on a smartphone to the next level if executed right.

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