You heard that right. Samsung wants to redefine the surfing experience for the athletes as well as casual surfers with its prototype device called as Galaxy Surfboard. Samsung has always been a big name in sports and is officially sponsoring the Rio Olympic games. But its love for surfing is evident with its relation with the World Surf League. It has a special place for surfing in heart and want to make the sport better by adding a technological element to it.

Samsung defines the surfing as a solitary activity in the past but not anymore. The prototype Galaxy surfboard connects the surfer with the world even when he is deep in the sea and actually displays weather reports, wind directions, and other useful information. The coaches can interact with the surfer by sending a message that will be displayed on the surfboard’s huge display. He can actually improve the surfing skills by providing feedback in real time. the surfboard also provides an opportunity for the surfer to connect with his fans from around the world and show their encouraging messages in real time. I guess the board could even call for help if the surfer is in danger while performing dangerous stunts while at sea.

“Samsung believes that technology helps drive people’s talent,” said Loredana Sarcinella, Samsung’s senior marketing director for the mobile devices division in a statement. “Since 1986, Samsung has supported, sponsored and promoted various sports initiatives in the countries hosting them. More than supporting athletes, we want to provide them with solutions. The board offers this innovative look at a solitary sport and our convergent technology is a strong differentiator for this and various other sports.”

As the name suggests, a Galaxy phone (Galaxy S7 for now) powers the board. It sits deep in the board and forms the brain. Samsung had to take help from Johnny Cabianca, Medina’s long-time surfboard maker. I must say that this board would be pretty useful if it could be used by professionals as well as casual surfers.