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Samsung’s S7 Is Bringing Back a Few of My Favourite Features

galaxy-s6-vs-galaxy-s6-edgeLeaks about the Samsung S7 continue to drip into the digital world and by now we have a pretty clear view about the design and specs as far as the phone is concerned. But Samsung’s S7 has a few tricks up its sleeves.

The galaxy s6 was an excellent device that could match the iPhone and the HTC one m8 in terms of the performance and artistic design but that came at the expense of the microSD card slot and the ability to remove the battery. It even sacrificed the water resistant and dust proofing design.

Samsung has reportedly adding back the support of microSD card slot as the sales of its smartphone tumble. It is doing everything in its power to stop the slide. Apparently, Samsung has also found a way to stop the water from seeping into the internals of the Samsung’s S7. Sony already has this design but it is very difficult to execute without making a few critical compromises.

While Samsung’s S7 will not feature a removable battery, it will have a battery that is of larger capacity when compared to previous generations. The Samsung’s S7 will have a 3000 Mah battery while the galaxy S7 edge version will feature a 3,050 Mah one. the battery capacity of the galaxy S7 edge+ is unknown but I suspect it would be around 4000Mah.

Also included in them is the next generation fast charging and fast wireless charging technologies that juice up your phone pretty fast. The Samsung’s S7 will have a light weight yet durable body made of magnesium alloy that is encased in gorilla glass on the front and the back.

Samsung is favouring the design of the galaxy s6 to be incorporated into the Samsung’s S7 and that isn’t a bad thing. Yet Samsung wants to improve the galaxy S7 in every aspect it can.