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Samsung Made A Modular TV That Is Made of Tvs

Samsung absolutely killed the competition with a modular tv that has dancing displays. This is a crazy concept that Samsung showcased at the CES 2016 and the floating displays made everyone stand still while capturing their attentions and their hearts.

This tv has the ability to rotate itself and change the display size according to your comfort. This tv will not be available in the near future but will give the user an option of customizing this thing to a great extent.samsung-split-screen


The modular tv looks like it jumped right out of a transformers movie. The basic idea behind this concept television is that by combining smaller displays, a larger display can be formed that has a crazy high resolution and size but still has the ability to reduce its size when you wish to view content on a smaller screen.

Samsung was able to achieve a size of 170 inches. That’s mind boggling for a television. One might get the feeling that when combining the smaller screens, the bezel would remain on the displaying picture but that isn’t the case in the real world. when I saw this modular television, there was absolutely no trace of the bezel of the combining screens.

LG also showed us some interesting concepts such as foldable display and super twisted tv that has screens on both sides. You can stick it on a wall and view it from 2 back to back rooms.

“We believe the possibilities for innovation in TV are truly endless, and in the years to come, customers will experience ever greater choice and control, as the current barriers around screen size, shape and versatility are overcome,” Hyun Suk Kim, president of Samsung visual display business, said in a statement.

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