Samsung to release additional 22 curved TV models worldwide

The Smart TV markets is with no doubt in the hands of Samsung. Their recent and upcoming innovations are set on Linux-based Tizen Operating System. Also, they have advances with their QLED screen technology. Now, in a new report that comes out from Korea, the company have set to release an additional 22 different kinds of curved screen TV’s worldwide.

This report comes as a bit of surprise for some TV pundits for its rivals, Sony and LG, who are against bringing curved TVs into the markets this year. This is all because some users see the curved TVs like nothing more than a gimmick and waste of technology.

The curved TV in theory, should provide an immersive wraparound effect when watching TV. Samsung are the only high-end TV manufacturer that still believes in curved TVs, so it will be interesting to see how they will sell their TV models.