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Are Samsung TVs Cheating On Energy Efficiency Tests?


Even before the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal is out of the news comes a disturbing information that Samsung, the world’s largest TV manufacturer, might have tweaked it TVs in such a way that they use less energy when the energy efficiency tests are conducted on the TV and has consistently showed higher energy efficiency than in the real world performance.

The European commission is threatening to investigate the matter to a full extent and whether the allegations proves to be true has to be found out. The information came out when EU funded independent research organisation complainTV tested various models of the Samsung TV in the prescribed international electro technical commission test that measures the energy consumption of the devices. The results show a low energy consumption during tests but when the TV was tested using other method, the energy consumption was shown as much higher indicating that Samsung is setting up its TVs to cheat in the energy efficiency test to show a higher efficiency.

complainTV said in a statement. “The laboratories observed different TV behavior during the measurements and this raised the possibility of the TV’s detecting a test procedure and adapting their power consumption accordingly. Such phenomenon was not proven within the ComplianTV tests, but some tested TVs gave the impression that they detected a test situation.”


But Samsung rubbishes this claim by saying that its TVs are designed to detect the content being played and the lightning condition to set the TV automatically to a reduced brightness for energy efficiency and best viewing experience. But the real world result indicates that the TV reduced the screen brightness and other parameters such as background apps to reduce the power significantly so that a higher efficiency is registered. This features are what Samsung calls as a motion lightning feature

Samsung released an official statement “This is not a setting that only activates during compliance testing. On the contrary, it is an ‘out of the box’ setting, which reduces power whenever video motion is detected. Not only that, the content used for testing energy consumption has been designed by the International Electro technical commission to best model actual average picture level internationally.”

Whatever might be the reality, European commission is on the verge of launching an investigation against the defective TVs that increase the power bill and carbon emission without the user knowing about it.