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Samsung’s Upcoming TV’s Are the Television Set You Want for your Smart Home

samsung_smartthings_officialSamsung is about to bring the most exciting television sets to the consumer in the history of idiot box. The 2016 line up of Samsung’s premium television dubbed as SHUD are now compatible with SmartThings. Smartthings is the Samsung’s version of internet of things which will be able to control various devices such as lighting, security camera and thermostat. You can even lock your door with a simple command or remotely. Using a smartphone If an intruder enters your home, the motion sensors can send a notification to your mobile via your smart TV.samsung-smart-tvGAIA_Thumb.0.0

All the premium television that will be released by Samsung will have SmartThings integrated into them. With these services, Samsung is revolutionizing the television that has now become not only a central part of the entertainment but is now also the control centre of a smart home. These TV’s will run tizen os and control all the devices that are compatible with SmartThings.

All this is good but there is always a possibility of someone hacking into the smart television. For this specific purpose, before giving the keys of your home to the television, Samsung is securing its SHUD tv with a special security system called as GAIA. This adds a three-layer security that is almost inaccessible without the permission of the user. The ultimate aim is to protect the passwords and sensitive information such as credit card numbers. This will also prevent snooping agents to gain access to your home. Not only the information stored on the devices is secured but also the data sent and received from server is also encrypted rendering it useless even if unwanted personals get their hands on it.

But this is still in an infant stage. To really control all the devices, you will have to get the SmartThings enabled devices and then you will be locked into Samsung’s eco system. But at least Samsung is dreaming about a future home that is really sophisticated as well as secure than ever. This will inspire the geeks to build a better version of the existing homes.