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Samsung UHD OLED TV Coming This Year

Latest report from Korean Media suggests that Samsung is all set to return into OLED TV business with new UHD TVs. Samsung and LG are the only OLED panel producers at the moment.

There is a stiff competition between LCD and OLED displays with OLED display lags behind UHD LCD in TV market because of the resolution and high price.

The new OLED UHD TVs will be marketed as premium TVs and they will only be available on high-end segment with very high price range.

Samsung left the early OLED market because of lack of consumer interest in OLED TVs because of high price. But the company is all set to reenter with a 55” UHD OLED version.

“Even though OLED TV is considered the next-generation display, the fact is that it does not satisfy the criteria for premium market, such as from size to resolution,” said an industry insider. “Once the issue concerning large surface area is solved, it will be able to compete properly with UHD LCD even if the price is expensive.”