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Galaxy View Now Has a Smartphone Companion App

samsung-galaxy-view-4607-002Galaxy view is one that is more of a small television than a large tablet. Samsung has clearly stated that this tablet is intended for user who love to watch streaming content on their device and this device offers unique Netflix streaming experience. The built in kick stand will make the tablet stand in a tent position or at an elevated horizontal position to make the interaction easy.

Samsung has released a custom CNN news reading app and a bulletin board photo app that is exclusive to this device. Now Samsung has released a companion android app that will help you in having a smoother experience while using this tablet. The app is called as the galaxy view remote app. Why use this app?

Well, it acts as an input method for the galaxy view tablet in case you want to have a tv like experience and have placed the tablet a little further than your reach. It connects with the tablet via Bluetooth and works will all android phones.Samsung-Galaxy-View-Remote

The app wants replace all the input methods to this tablet. So it will allow you to remotely control the media playback options such as play/pause and volume controls. You can even enter texts via onscreen keyboard on the smartphone. The app also offers a trackpad like cursor area that will help you in moving the onscreen cursor for the galaxy view. This will eliminate the need to touch the screen of the tablet for any kind of input.

This app is only for the smartphones that are running android 4.4 or later and is available for free on the play store.

galaxy view remote app playstore link

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