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Samsung Electronics Is Building a Surface Pro 4 Competitor

402617-surface-pro-4Samsung electronics knows that it cannot beat the iPad pro on its own turf. The iOS giant tablet is too refined to get beaten by any android device. But there is one tablet that is giving the iPad pro a run for its money. That’s the Microsoft surface pro 4. This baby brings the full power of windows to a 12 tablet form factor.

Samsung seems to have taken note of this trends and wants a piece of the pie. For this specific purpose, it is building a 12-inch tablet that run the full version of the windows 10. This device was first spotted at the certification website in India where it gets the clearance certificates. The model number associated with this device is SM-W700.

Also an import/export website has also listed this device to be shipped to companies in Delhi and Bengaluru where is undergoes various testing procedures before being launched. This device is the first tablet from Samsung that is powered by windows 10. It comes with a QHD screen that is both bright and sharp meaning crisper texts. The price was mentioned as 30,000 inr but definitely won’t be the launch price.windows-10-tablet-samsung

The processor running the show is the latest version of Intel’s core M processor and 4 GB of ram is available. This tablet won’t be a real windows 10 device without the keyboard and a mouse. Samsung electronics is said to develop this tablet alongside a specialized keyboard cover. As far as the mouse is concerned, the USB ports will connect to any ordinary mouse that you have lying around your house.

A rumor also indicated that Samsung is also including a giant version of the excellent s-pen for this windows tablet that is arguably better than the Apple Pencil. You might want to stick around samsungrumors.net for more upcoming information.