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The Spying TVs Don’t Know How To Encrypt Your Voice Data


A week ago, the people related to the tech world had a shocking news for the normal people – the news, which for many people, was quite alarming. This news was related to a product from the world leader in electronics production. This product was the next big thing. It was the successor of our normal LCD TVs. We all know it as the Smart TV and Samsung was the company whose Smart TVs were responsible here.

The blame that proved to be right on these Smart TV was that they were listening to us and then transmitting our voice over the internet. This voice data from the voice recognition system that was being sent over the internet for processing to the servers was open and accessible by anyone with certain access.


The latest controversy related to the all this Spying Story is that the voice data that was being sent over the internet was not encrypted. In other words, it was so vulnerable to getting hacked that anyone with basic know-how of hacking could just connect to your Wi-Fi and listen to it.

Till now, there has been no news from Samsung on this issue except that this issue was only on certain models. People have become quite dissatisfied with Samsung over this issue and won’t be trusting it soon.


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