Samsung and Apple have been the arch rivals in the tech world for nearly a decade now. Both have been trying to introduce better products then the other. This rivalry started from the days of iPhone 3 and it’s still going on. They are trying to give the consumers the best possible products.

This war led both the companies to adopt different smartphone operating systems – Apple choosing iOS and Samsung choosing Android. After the smartphones, the war came down to the smartwatches recently. In this war, Samsung made Galaxy Gear while Apple made the iWatch.


In the past, Apple has alleged Samsung for copying its concepts. With release of every phone, Samsung was blamed for copying the feature that Apple had planned for its phones.

This time, something opposite has happened. This time, Apple is sort of copying something that Samsung has recently released. The product that Apple patented looks something like Samsung Gear VR or Virtual Reality. This product, when released, will be the first Virtual Reality product from Apple. So let’s wait and see what Apple has for us in the future.