European Pre-Orders of the Galaxy S8 might start from the unveil date

According to a report that comes out from Android World, the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus might become available for the European markets on their unveil date from March 29. It may also mean that the devices can be pre-ordered only in Netherlands, as for the report credits “specific sources for the Netherlands”. Belgium is also one of the countries mentioned in the report. That is why, the devices may hit all the European markets on the same day. About their price, the Galaxy S8 will cost €799 and the S8 Plus €899.

The date when the pre-order will begin is much more important than you think. On the same date, the devices will be unveiled at a special event in New York City. Then, as the report say, right after the event the devices will start the pre-ordering. However, there is nothing yet confirmed, neither said, about when the pre-ordering will end. Many deals may occur the pre-ordering campaign, as for example the Gear VR handset will be also coming with a pre-order of any of the devices.

Also, keep it in mind that nothing is yet confirmed by Samsung, and yet still remains a rumor. Similar report might be coming for the US markets, will they have any pre-orders available for the devices.