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Samsung Built the World’s First Ultra HD 4k Blu-Ray Player

samsungwm9_2040.0.0Sony might be the creator of the Blu-ray format but Samsung is the first in the batch of tech companies that are supporting the next generation of Blu-ray, that is the 4K/UHD Blu-ray format. Samsung introduced what it dubbed as the world’s first 4k Blu-ray player though Panasonic was quick to launch a similar player.

Samsung 4k Blu-ray player is associated with the model number UBD-K8500.

The digital crowd is increasingly tilting towards online streaming for movies and music but the 4k contents is something that has a long way to travel before it could be streamed owing to its big size. Generally streaming a 4k movies require an internet connection that deals in gigabytes per second data transfers speeds and that is simply impossible with the current average broadband connections.Samsung-Ultra-HD-Blu-ray-Player

Many studios are supporting this format and are ready to release several of their movies in this format. The new 4k television set will have to have 4k content to take advantage of the display to the full extent and the 4k Blu-ray discs will be able to recreate life like picture in 4k resolution with help of this 4k Blu-ray player

The reader has to take notice that 4k Blu-ray players are the next generation of the current Blu-ray player crop.

This Samsung 4k Blu-ray player cost $399 and is available for pre order and will ship in march. Samsung is also shipping its newest generation SHUD television in the same month. Be sure to check out these premium 4k television that are powered by quantum dot technology.