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Samsung’s Super-Secret Windows 10 Tablet Finally Makes an Appearance

Samsung has seen the power of hybrid tablet cum portable PCs like the surface pro 3. Other manufacturers such as dell and HP are making their own 12-inch version of the windows 10 hybrid pc. Samsung wants its own version of his hybrid pc cum tablets. So it decided to create one that will be a Samsung device unapologetically.

Earlier leaks indicated the model number associated but the current leaks mention the device name as TabPRO S. this will be powered by the windows 10 instead of android. The TabPRO name is usually associated with the galaxy devices instead of windows devices from Samsung. The tech company fitted a super sharp display into the device as it is famous for with a 2k resolution. The processor will be a Core M processor from intel that can handle basic tasks with much efficiency. The striking feature is that like the 12 inch MacBook, this windows 10 powered tablet is rumoured to have a fan less architecture making the tablet impossibly thin and highly portable.

There will be custom keyboard cover that also has a trackpad.

Why should you care about this windows 10 device?

The differentiating feature might be the excellent S-Pen that is very similar to the one found in the note 5. If not, it would be a better version of the current S-Pen. Naturally, the pen would be enlarged to be operated on a 12-inch screen instead of a 5.7-inch tiny screen.

This device will show itself at the CES 2016 shortly. Stay tuned for more updates.