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The Excellent Gear S2 Smartwatch Will Soon be iPhone Compatible

Samsung has been competing with apple on almost every front. It counters the iPhone and iPad with the galaxy devices and the apple watch has a worthy rival in form of Gear S2 smartwatch. But Samsung surprised us by introducing the Gear S2 smartwatch on the iOS. The official support will launch later this year.

Apple should worry. Its apple watch has been a novelty as far as functionality is considered and isn’t recognised as a ground-breaking product like the original iPhone and iPad. Now the apple watch seems to have a worthy competitor and that too on the iOS. The Gear S2 will be able to receive notification and call alerts from the iOS devices. The extent of its access on the iOS is still a mystery.

“Today, we’re excited to share that we will be bringing Gear S2 smartwatch to iOS later this year!” this is what Samsung said. It denied further information.

In other news, the Gear S2 smartwatch will receive an update very soon that will enable it to support Samsung pay, the dominant mobile payment service from the Korean tech giant.

Samsung is also introducing 2 new colours for the Gear S2 classic. That is the rose gold and platinum. These come with ivory genuine leather band and black genuine leather band. I must say that these devices look like a true piece of jewellery laden with precious metal. New watch faces are also coming like the Peanuts characters along with art works from Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jeremyville, and Burton Morris.

There is no stopping Samsung with its Gear S2 smartwatch and other slew of exciting devices that it introduced at the CES 2016.