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Samsung Has a Massive 8k Television


Yes, an actual 8k television is being displayed at the CES 2016 by television innovators such as Samsung and LG. but what is this 8k resolution television?

To talk in terms of numbers, an 8k resolution that is also called as the super UHD resolution is a format that will be able to display 16 time more pixels than the standard full HD resolution and 4 time more pixels than the 4k resolution.

Consider a screen shot of taken right in middle of a movie. Full HD will have a 2mp screenshot. 4k will have an 8 MP screenshot but the 8k or super UHD will have a screenshot that is a whopping 32 MP.

Samsung is displaying this crazy 8k television that measures at 98 inches in display size and it also curves. LG also has its own version. But the curious thing to note is that the 8k Tv’s were displaying pictures rather than demo videos. it was clear that there was absolutely no 8k content out there. 4k content is still hard to come by and 8k content is a distant dream.

So why make an 8k television?

Samsung is just showcasing the future. Although this TV will be available sometime this year, buying it so early would be a big mistake for a common consumer. Apart from the crazy high resolution, this TV offers no better picture quality from the high end televisions from Samsung. We are still getting used to the 4k format and it still hasn’t spread widely like the full HD. So 8k content and similar hardware will be a common sight somewhere down the line in 10 years, till then drool on this television.

Pricing is not available for this television.