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Samsung Radiant-360 R7

The new Omni directional speakers that Samsung has unveiled looks like a gun from the portal 2 game. Called as Samsung Radiant-360 R7, the speakers will cost 500 usd but is it better than a 100 usd creative speaker?

Samsung has always been ahead in adopting new technologies and the same goes for its latest speaker. When I first saw the speaker, I thought Samsung has gone crazy and then I realized that the tech giant has always been crazy but passionate about technology. The new speakers which also resembles a dinosaur egg is called as a 360 degree wireless speaker.


What that means is that it produces quality sound equally in all direction. You can sit around the speaker in any direction and the sound would be same. Hang the speaker upside down and the sound would be the same. To make this possible, Samsung has used ring radiator technology. It produces rich sound when compared to a normal speaker.

The speaker also has Bluetooth for you to play music wirelessly from your smartphone and also to the wlan network to work with your computer. It can play wide range of audio files and at varying frequency. My personal thoughts are that the speakers is expensive and not for everybody. Samsung has produce the speaker as a showcase mascot to its advancements in sound research and not for mass consumption.