The makers of the brilliant mobile game, the monument valley, bring out their new game called as the “land’s end”. This game is no less beautiful and can only be played on the Samsung galaxy gear vr.

The development team has previous worked on the monument valley which was a hit on the mobile screen. The game was praised for its pleasing visuals and sharp turning control system.  But the game could only be played in a 2 dimensional world. The team has said that the new game, land’s end is the same monument valley reimagined in a 3 dimensional world.


“It’s great when you’re looking at the iPad, but it’s slightly vomit-inducing when you’re in VR,” Dan Gary, a producer for Land’s End, told Wired.

The puzzle game which can only be played on the galaxy gear vr will release soon. It isn’t a traditional game and has a steep learning curve if you like to play but we now know that the virtual reality gaming is the future of video games and galaxy gear vr is an important part of it even though it isn’t a traditional gaming system.

The developers are much excited as it marks a new era for them as well as the galaxy gear is the first 3d game being developed from them.

“We jumped at that chance because we’ve been really excited about VR for the last couple of years,” says Peter Pashley, technical director of Ustwo’s game division. “We never thought we’d get a chance to work on it—we didn’t see a window.”

I have been a gamer for almost my entire life and this game is something that is new to me which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the virtual reality gaming has almost arrived to take its place in the technological world.