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Switching from iPhone to Samsung? Transfer Your Data Effortlessly with Smart Switch


Although many apps and method exist that allow you to transfer data from one device to another, Samsung has created the smart switch app exclusively to help the user transfer data from one device to another in the simplest manner possible.

Smart switch is one app that will help you to move your data from iPhone to android (galaxy device) or from android to android device. To run the smart switch your phone need to run on android 5.0. it has the ability to transfer the data quickly using the NFC if your older device is capable.

Essentially if you want to migrate from iPhone or iOS device to a galaxy or android device, you will have to connect the iPhone to the computer and use the desktop smart switch app to gather all the data from the iPhone like the contact and pictures. It will also pull the data from the cloud services such as iTunes and iCloud. the next step is to connect the galaxy device to the desktop and enable the smart switch on your mobile device. Simply wait until all the transfer is complete.


If you switching from an android device to a galaxy device, you will have to download the smart switch app on your old phone. The newest galaxy devices come with the smart switch pre-loaded. Enable the app and choose the data that you want to transfer like the pictures, text messages and videos. It transfers the data using the Bluetooth. But the transfer will be quickest if it is done using the NFC.

“Samsung Smart Switch is your best option for moving to a Galaxy S6 or S6 edge from just about anything else, and is a fantastic argument against the Google method of “cloud everything” backup. It’s a simple, powerful system transfer solution, and absolutely worth taking a look at if you decide to pick up a Samsung device this year.” Says a user