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Samsung Is Cooking Up a Standalone Virtual Reality Headset


Samsung is making waves in the virtual reality industry as rumours point out that a new device is about to be announced that will be like the oculus rift and the PlayStation virtual reality. The said virtual reality head set that Samsung is making is yet unclear on its final purpose.

All the virtual reality headset that have been made till date required a powerful computer to run them and Samsung has, in the past, created gear headset that will plug in the galaxy smartphones such as the note 4 and the galaxy s6 to display the virtual reality content. My guess would be that since Samsung doesn’t foray much into the pc world, the new device would be somewhat standalone with inbuilt display. galaxy smartphones would instead be used to transfer the content to the vr headset.


Samsung believes that the virtual reality will be the next big frontier in the technology world and it wants to stay ahead in the game. It has partnered with the Facebook owned oculus to create the virtual reality tech that it offers. But the main deciding factor will be the content. Samsung is making efforts to offer the content for its gear virtual reality and is also partnering with various game developer to make the virtual reality games exclusive for its phones. I would be the first one to try it out in case Samsung announces the virtual reality tech and couple with quality content, Samsung has a winner in its hands.