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Samsung’s Revealed Patent Points to A Future Of Foldable Display Devices


Samsung won over the smartphone world 5 years ago with its ability to produce beautiful display that were as large as 5.5 inch and that too in mass quantities. Fast forward to the present, Samsung is struggling to stay relevant in the smartphone world and it once again turning to its ability to produce different displayed smartphones.

This was evident in the last year’s note edge where the screen curved at the right side and the s6 edge and s6 edge plus whose displayed fell to its sides. Now Samsung is preparing couple of devices that could entirely change the way you use your smartphone and tablet.maxresdefault

The first concept involves a foldable display. It is basically an enlarged flip phone that has about 5-inch display on the outside. Open the phone and a display as large as 8 inches will be revealed on the inside. This is terrific considering the fact that the inside 8-inch screen is a complete one and doesn’t have any hinges in-between them like the Sony tablet p. this is the tablet mode and when you fold back the device, it will act as a normal 5 inched display smartphone. To make this possible, Samsung is using the foldable display in the inside and a normal AMOLED display on the outside.samsung-patent

Another device that revealed itself in the patents is a scrollable displayed smartphone. Unlike the previous phone, this device is basically in form of a small cylinder. Little portion of the screen peeks out allowing you to view the notifications and other newsfeed. When you want to use your entire phone, you simply pull out the display like you pull the toilet paper all the while holding the cylindrical base. The camera modules and the logic board are housed in the cylindrical base and the scrollable display is wound around a pole like structure when present in unrolled state.

Looks like the upcoming smartphones will actually look like what was imagined in the movie “Back to The Future”

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