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Galaxy S8 selfie camera will have autofocus

Latest reports from Korean news site Etnews say that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a new front facing camera with autofocus (AF) functionality. This feature will allow the camera lens to adjust itself so it can provide the most advantageous focus level according to the subject’s position. Basically, it will give better smartphone photo quality.

The autofocus functionality is often included in rear facing cameras of mid and high range smartphones. It may be widely implemented, however it is costly. But now we are seeing more and more manufacturers opting for autofocusing feature on selfie cameras. In the past, as the selfie camera was used for proximity subjects like selfies or video calling, many companies haven’t considered AF.

According to Etnews, Samsung will use a slimmer technology for the front camera compared to the rear to ensure that it will not stick out.