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Samsung Is Sending One Lucky Winner to The Himalayas for Its SHUD Tv Promotion


Yes, you heard that right. Samsung is sending a lucky winner to a monastery in the Himalaya to catch up with all his favourite sitcoms for 100 days without any distraction. This is a part of its SHUD tv promotions.

You can always trust Samsung for doing crazy things and this one seems to be one of those mesmerizing schemes. I liked it…err…no, loved it.  To promote its SHUD tv, Samsung is conducting a contest in the Nordic nations where the contestant will be shortlisted. The contestants will have to submit a video of themselves telling how busy their lives have been and why they weren’t able to watch their favourite shows in their busy schedule.

The winner will have to undergo a lie detector test and to check whether they have really missed their tv shows.


This campaign is named as “the catch-up grant” and the winner will be sent to a monastery called as Thiksey in the Himalayan region of Tibet. The monastery is at a height of 2 miles from the sea level. The winner will be provided with a 65 inch 4k SHUD tv that will show all his favorite shows and will have other perks for 100 days. Samsung wants you to leave the reality behind and pamper yourself for 100 days.

“We thought it’d be fun if you would get paid for watching TV, just like a job, for a full year,” Samsung says “But we realized people would just do other stuff, so then we decided it would have to be at a place where you would do nothing else. And where the worldly distractions would be far, far away.”