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Verizon Support for Samsung Pay Is Coming Via Software Update


20151006-samsung-payLast week news got out that Samsung pay will finally be supported by Verizon and the talks are in the last stage of finalization. Well it seems the talks have been completed and the support is coming to the Samsung phones via a small software update in the near future.

While the update arrives, you have to know that the Samsung pay is the newest payment system that can mimic your credit card and make a financial transaction at almost every place where your card works. The transaction will be authorised by your fingerprint so you don’t have to worry about the security of the payment or your card.

The payment system was launched by every carrier but Verizon citing reasons that it is still evaluating this mobile payment system but it now looks that it will support the Samsung pay. Verizon doesn’t want to lose consumers who are eager for this payment system since it the simplest among all payment system. To use Samsung pay you will have to own a note 5, galaxy s6, S6 edge or s6 edge+.

Beware before rooting your phone as the payment system doesn’t work on rooted phones citing security issues. If you own one of the phones and are a Verizon networks user, you might want to hold onto that phone until the support update is live.