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Microsoft Lumia 950 Vs Note 5: Which Is the Most Productive Phone?


Microsoft had a device unveiling event yesterday and I must say that of all the presentation this year which has titans like apple, Samsung and google, Microsoft had the best presentation and it reminds me of how Steve jobs used to bring that excitement about a new device unveiling.

So the new devices that were unveiled were the nokia reminiscent Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 xl. What’s so great about these devices that they challenge the productivity king of the smartphone empire, the note 5?

Well they have the windows 10. Not the mobile version but the full windows experience on a phone. They have the universal office suite apps that are the pinnacle for productivity. Don’t get me wrong, the note 5 is one hell of a device but the 950 showed us a different way in which a smartphone can work. Here’s how

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The 950 has a USB-c port for connectivity and when you connect it to a phone dock that is sold separately, it can power a monitor and a full windows pc is ready at your desk. Connect the keyboard and mouse to the dock and you are ready to do any pc task on your monitor powered by your phone. Check the video below to get the complete picture.

the best part is that you can still use your phone while it still acts as a pc hub and you can run full windows application on them. the specs also go head to head with the note 5 but the camera is still to be tested in real world. Microsoft says that it’s the best camera in a smartphone with a triple led flash but every one say the same.  The Lumia 950 is an underdog while the note 5 is a proven winner but…….

Is the note 5 having a new worthy competitor?

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