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Galaxy S6 Edge caught fire while charging

S6 Edge caught fireThis morning a reddit user by the name ReturnThroughAether posted that his AT&T-brand Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge caught fire. Apparently, the incident happened while the device was charging on a nightstand using the company’s first-party AC adapter. No injuries were reported but it gave him quite a scare.

On the reddit thread he posted:

Woke up this morning (yesterday technically. 12/20) just in time to get ready for work and looked over to find my phone has exploded. Luckily I don’t keep it on my bed, as you can see it scorched my night stand. I’ve talked to Samsung and my carrier. The phone had no problems before, no overheating. I think I’m done with Samsung for a while, really gonna miss the photos I had from Africa in the fall. Dammit Samsung, I was still in your corner after the Note 7 stuff too.

He added that his last phone was also a Galaxy S6 Edge that had battery problems.

When news started to spread about the Galaxy Note 7, there were a few incidents where other Samsung devices were destroyed by ruptured batteries, many rendered useless. Let’s hope that Samsung will come up with new, safer batteries for the upcoming devices.