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Get The Note 4 For $299 on eBay

galaxy-note-4-white-25The note 4 might be a last generation phone in the note series of the galaxy line of phones but it is still an excellent device to get the work done. The note 4 was received well among the consumers and I still own one. the only other phone that might give the note 4 a run for its money is the new note 5 and you will run for money since the fifth version costs about $700.

The note 4 is an excellent phone that is made of metal and the back is covered by a faux leather plastic. Its battery is also removable and has a micro SD card slot for expandable memory. It houses a fingerprint scanner and has a large 5.7 inch 2k display that produce vivid colours and is excellent for media consumption.

This excellent note 4 is sold at a discounted price of $300 on eBay.  But before buying the phone, you have to note that the device is s refurbished model with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects and will only work with the AT&T network though.

If you are an AT&T user and interested in the phone, grab it immediately as the available devices are considerably low.


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