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Samsung Se370 Is a Beautiful 24-Inch Monitor That Can Charge Your Phone Wirelessly


A new monitor is on the horizon that looks like it’s from the future. But actually, it’s from Samsung. Yes, the se370 monitor is that beautiful monitor that I have been seeing on the internet for a while. It immediately caught my attention for it design and one among the features stands out.

The ability to charge a compatible phone wirelessly.

The wireless charging supports qi charging that is one of the standard in wireless power world. All the qi enables phone can be charged when they are placed on the stand. this declutters the work table. Samsung is also promotion this excellent monitor with model number se370 as a gaming monitor which has brilliant viewing angles and refresh rate ideal for playing pc games with fast moving action sequences.

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“As a leader in both mobile devices and display technology, Samsung has combined our knowledge of consumer behaviour and needs in these areas to create the SE370 wireless charging monitor,” said Dave Das, Senior Vice President at Samsung Electronics America, Inc. “With consumers increasingly relying on mobile devices, we are proud to offer them the ability to declutter their workspace and use mobile devices simultaneously. As an industry-first, this monitor transforms the way users see and utilize their workspace, enabling them to work in a smarter and more efficient manner.”

The following are some of the features of the se370

  • QI Technology with Wireless Charging
  • 1920 x 1080 4ms
  • White PLS 23.6″
  • Free-Sync Capable
  • D-Sub, HDMI, DisplayPort
  • 178° Wide Viewing Angle

This monitor aims to be an all in one solution for the work table. It has a wide screen that replaces a dual monitor set up with this single se370 monitor and the elimination of charging cables is just one of the perks.