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Samsung is about to update its devices to marshmallow

Android-6.0-MarshmallowSamsung released a statement saying that it has started working on the android marshmallow update for its devices and the update should go live sooner than later. Google has released the marshmallow a couple of weeks back and the nexus devices are already running the marshmallow.

Many manufacturers are getting ready to update their smartphones and tablets. Motorola will be the first among them to update their device to marshmallow since it uses vanilla android that is very close to stock android. Since there is not much tinkering to the software, it naturally released first. Samsung is generally last among the device makers to release the updates. It has an exhaustive list of devices that are to be updated but that does not seem to be the case with the marshmallow.

Samsung is already working on the devices such as the galaxy s6, s6 edge, s6 edge+, s5, note 5, note edge, note 4, note 4 neo. The devices such as galaxy a8 and galaxy grand can also expect the update but only next year.


The update process will involve preparing the update and releasing it to the carrier. The carrier then updates its own bloatware into the update before releasing it to the device. T-Mobile is stating that it is already working on its own update and will release it as soon as it is complete for the Samsung devices.

“Devices listed here are currently preparing to deliver a software update,” read the note on T-Mobile support page, hinting that it could come anytime in the next few months.