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Tizen Based Z3 Launches in India

samsung_z3_display_screen_ndtvSamsung surprised everyone when it introduces it home grown tizen os based handset, Z3 in its event help in India yesterday. It seems that Samsung still hope for an alternate world where it would be independent of Google’s android operating system for its phones. Out of this dream comes the z1 and subsequently, the Z3.

The tizen mobile operating system has been jointly developed by Samsung and intel which is based on Linux kernels. Samsung hoped that the tizen will help itself from the strangle hold of google and have an exclusive eco system for its products. But the dream still remains a distant dream and the phones running the tizen haven’t been a hit elsewhere but India. So naturally Samsung has once again chosen India as its preferred platform to launch the next generation of tizen phone, the Z3.

The Z3’s body design is similar to the galaxy line up of smartphones while still differentiating itself from the rest. The edges are sharp compared to the galaxy devices. The home buttons are a carbon copy of the android counterparts. The real difference shows when you switch on the phone. The tizen based Z3 looks and works different from android handsets. The phone has a 5 inch 720p display that is impressive in bright lighting conditions. It has a battery of 2600mah that can power the phone for 2 days on moderate usage. There is an 8 MP camera for your photo needs.

samsung-z3-tizen-L samsung_z3_rear_removed_shell_ndtv

Its runs on the latest tizen v2.4, has a 1gb RAM and 8 GB ROM (update: expandable storage up to 128 GB available). A 1.3 ghz quad-core processor will power the handset. All this comes with a budget friendly price of inr 8490($130).

This phone will be available in black, silver and gold options.

The main problem plaguing the phone is the lack of apps or the development community that can rival the android or iOS ecosystem. But Samsung might be having a trick up its sleeves.