Samsung is seeing a growth that has eluded it for almost 2 years. Due to this unexpected results, its shares have surged 5.6 %. Samsung has said in a statement that it is posting a profit gain in 2 years which is beyond the internal and analyst expectation for this quarter.

This unexpected profit has been due to multiple factors. First among them is a weaker won, the Korean currency. Since Samsung does much of its business overseas, the currency conversion lead to higher profits. The second is that even though the smartphone sales have been sluggish, the sales of electronic components such as display units and semiconductor chips have off set a strong profit growth in Samsung performance chart
“There were worries that overall earnings will continue falling as mobile profits declined, but now the numbers make the case that Samsung has the capacity to withstand weakness from the mobile business,” IBK Securities analyst Lee Seung-woo said.


Countering the quarter on quarter decline in growth, the profits for the last quarter grew about 80% when compared to last year and came in at $6.3 billion. Since the smartphone sales have been below the expectation level, Samsung is reportedly putting the display and semiconductor units as its centre for the fortune revival. It is the 2nd largest manufacturer of semiconductor chips and the largest player in memory chips. Its client includes QUALCOMM and apple. The Chinese manufacturers who are dipping into Samsung sales have also started using components from Samsung.

Well, it might be possible that Samsung might start it new innings as a component supplier rather that a giant in smartphone industry to bring back the lost fortunes.