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Note 5 Loses to The iPhone 6s Plus in Speed Test

maxresdefaultApple doesn’t involve in specs war with other smartphone manufacturer. It’s in a league of its own. On the other side is Samsung who is as vocal as you can get when boasting about the specs of its smartphone and how their performance is superior to others. A new video has surfaced online that show the newest iPhone 6s plus that has 2 GB of ram beating the note 5 with 4 GB of ram considerably.

But how can a phone with superior specs be beaten by a lower speed phone?

The answer lies in top class optimization and superior teamwork of hardware and software. Apple does world class optimization for its phone and it knows that it doesn’t have to participate in the spec war since their optimization will be able to beat any given phone with much higher specs.

The test conducted were in two steps.

The first involved in opening apps and measuring the time taken for them to load the app or the web page completely. In this test, the iPhone 6s plus clocked at 49 seconds while the note 5 was just lagging at 51 seconds. A minor difference that won’t have much effect in the real world.


But the second test will make all the difference in the world. When you try to open the previous app that have been launched in the first test, iPhone takes literally no time in launching the apps indicating that they run in the background without taking much of the processing power or ram. The iPhone s6 plus complete the test in 73 seconds. When the test was performed on the note 5, it took significantly longer to load the apps and webpages. This indicated that the note 5 has some ram management issues and it has to launch the app again when selected from the multitasking menu. The note 5 completed the test in a little less than 90 seconds.

These kind of tests indicated the futile efforts of the specs war and the optimization of the hardware and software is what make a difference in the real world performance. Hope you are wiser to not depend solely on the specs when buying your next smartphone.