Samsung has been producing one of the largest varieties of smart devices ranging from Smartphones and Tablets to Smartwatches and Smart-headsets. These devices have many unique names that sometimes have become a bit strange to remember.

So to make things a bit simple, Samsung in its latest move is trying to make these names easier for the consumers. Secondly, these new easier names will also be great from the advertising and promotional perspective. It is not known which products will get a new name but it is confirmed that majority of the new devices will have simple and easier names.

Earlier, we saw that Samsung released smartphones with names such as Galaxy A and Galaxy E series. These names were liked by the users because they were a bit less complex than the earlier names that Samsung used.

The most recent names that were trademarked are from the Galaxy Tab series. Samsung has registered three new Tab series named as Galaxy Tab A, Galaxy Tab E and Galaxy Tab J. These new Tabs are supposed to come out later this year. So just be patient to know more about these new devices.