Finally Samsung has released an update for the SmartThings Gear S app. This update has brought the Gear S to version 1.2 and is now available for free download. With using the SmartThings 1.2 version for Gear S users will now be able to activate Hello, Home actions by either pressing the screen or even through voice recognition. Users can even use preset phrases in this app or develop their own personalized ones.

Well now what is new with this update? Basically this release by Samsung is mainly for bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. This version will fix the S-Voice Button and the location switch buttons have been moved to the center of the bottom custom bar.


Moreover the background color when no background images are present is now black. Along with these fixes the launch icon has also been moved to the center and the change to block screen time out when voice recognition is in progress has also been fixed by the update.

Now talking about the performance enhancements the S-Voice Button changes to blue when pressed and then changes to white when released. Plus when it starts to record the icon changes to red. Then again it changes color when the S-Voice starts to analyze the command.

Along with this new update there comes the new Pop-up which basically appears when the S-Voice can recognize what the user is saying but the command does not exist in the system. So it seems that the update released by Samsung will definitely benefit the users a lot.