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The New Note 7 Costs $850

Note-7-26Samsung touted the Note 7 as the most intelligent smartphone that protects user data and privacy like no other phone. But Samsung never mentioned the price of the device. The carriers are now listing the device for pre-order and after the calculations, it was revealed that the phone is a very expensive device with a price tag of $850.

AT&T and T-Mobile are asking $30 per month on leasing program and other operators like Verizon is expected to unveil similar pricing.

Samsung is justifying the price with the goodies that it has packed into the device. Note 7 is equipped with a dual Edge Quad HD display that also has HDR capabilities found in high-end 4k TV. Samsung is also raising the base storage to 64GB from 32GB found in its predecessors.

For security enhancements, the Note 7 is protected by a foolproof iris scanner that allows the phone to be opened only by an authenticated user. For the first time, a Note phone has been rated as an IP68 device that is water and dust proof. Even the s-pen is now waterproof.

As a promotional offer, Samsung is gifting the users who pre-ordered the device a 256 GB memory card or the excellent Gear fit 2.

All these goodies make the Note 7 asking price justifiable.