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A Million People Embraced the Gear VR in The Month of April Alone

nomads-virtual-reality-film-stills-1.0.0Virtual reality is skyrocketing and why not, the biggest technological company and biggest social network are backing it like hell. Facebook-owned oculus has announced that 1 million people used the Gear VR headset for multiple VR content in the month of April making it a new standard for the budding technology.

The Gear VR has always been a curious piece of technology. It is a product that is the result of collaboration between Samsung which builds and designs the hardware and oculus, that mainly handles the software and apps.

This sudden jump in VR usage has to be attributed to the release of the Galaxy S7. Samsung has been aggressive with the handset and offered free Gear VR to anyone who pre-ordered the device. if analysts’ predictions are to be true, Samsung has managed to move 15 million S7 units off the shelves since its launch.

“VR isn’t just something that’s a thing that goes on your head. But it is also about the fact we are seeing a whole ecosystem built around it and with the marketing Samsung and Facebook are putting behind it, it’s getting more prominent in the consumer consciousness.” A representative said.

Virtual reality is slowly taking off and everyone wants to have a piece of the pie. Tech giants such as Sony (psvr), HTC (VIVE) and oculus rift have already made their way to the hands of the consumer or will soon. It is estimated that the virtual reality would grow into a $40 billion industry by 2020 and would revolutionize the way an average person consumes media or plays games.

Android rumours have also pointed out that Google is on the verge of releasing its own headset called as Android VR and it would be very different from the cardboard VR from the past.

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