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Note 6 Release Date Revealed

kv_feature_goldIf the internal sources are true, the next flagship from Samsung, the Note 6, could end up being showed to the world on august 15th. That’s a littler earlier that the release date of Note 5 last year but Samsung has started a new trend where it introduces the flagship phone a month earlier than anticipated.

The Galaxy S7 was shown in February and went on sale in the month of march instead of April.

These leaks are courtesy of a twitter user, Evan Blass. The notorious tech enthusiast famed for revealing information about upcoming smartphones and devices. Blass has revealed information accurately in the past and now mentions that the Note 6 will be unveiled in “The Week Of August 15.”

Other rumours indicate that Samsung is testing two versions of the phone, one with regular flat display and other with a default curved display. I am inclined toward the curved display as they would help in moving the units off the shelves if that was the case with a $650 Android phone.

The same excellent camera in the Galaxy S7 will debut in the note series and will have minor improvements. The screen size is tipped to be at 5.8 inches instead of the regular 5.7 inches thanks to the reduced bezels. The phone’s footprint will be similar to its predecessors, though.

Specs include a 4000mah battery that will power the phone for 2 days on moderate usage and running the show is the Snapdragon 823 SoC. For the first time in Samsung land, the Note 6 will come with 6 GB of RAM and also 256 GB of internal memory in the maxed out version. the operating system will be Android N.

The phone is also tipped to come with a USB Type-C port and a new Gear VR headset that is lighter and more useful that the current Gear VR.  Samsung is also taking the productivity to the next level with a Blackberry Hub like interface called as Samsung Focus.

Stay tuned for more info.