There are already rumors circulating that a Samsung Z2 would be released. There were also rumors that suggested that a Global Tizen smartphone would be released.

You can go online and check the leaked images of the Samsung Z2. This phone is a Tizen based Quad core smartphone. This phone comes with 1GB RAM but the screen of the phone is QHD. The phone will be released in the upcoming weeks.

This phone looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy smartphones. We can see the familiar home button that is found on all Samsung devices. The phone comes packed with Proximity, Light and Gesture sensors.


You can also find a front facing camera in this phone. The sound buttons of the phone look similar to the Z1. The phone will also have access to the Korean Tizen Store.

The same apps will be available on the Samsung Z2 that were available on the Samsung Z1. This phone is made for Russian and Chinese users.