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How To Take A Screen Shot On The Samsung Galaxy S6?


There are two ways by which you can take a screenshot using you Samsung Galaxy S6. The first way is the way which is available on all smart phone devices. By using the first way you can take a screen shot by using the hardware buttons.

Taking Screenshot Using Hardware Button

So firstly you will go to your screen that you want to take the screenshot of. After you are at the screen, you will hold and press the home and the power button at the same time.

You will hold them until you see a little flash animation and the sound of the camera shutter. This now means that you have taken the screen shot and you can now check this screenshot out from your Gallery in the phone.

There will be a folder of Screenshots and you can check all of your screenshots from there. Note that you will see a picture icon once you have taken a screenshot. This picture icon can easily be seen on the status bar.

Taking Screenshot Using Gesture Feature

Then there is a second way to take the screenshot. You can use the phone’s gesture options to take the screenshot. The gesture mode needs to be enabled on your phone.

You can go to your phone’s settings, then go to the Motions and Gestures option. Over there you will see an option which will say Palm Swipe To Capture.

You will need to enable this feature. Now that this feature is enabled, you can take the screenshot. You will need to take the edge of your palm and swipe it across the screen.

You will need to swipe from right to left to capture the screen. You will see the same animation and the screenshot will be saved in the Screenshots folder.

When you use the swipe gesture to capture the screen, you will see that the screenshot is also saved in the navigation shade folder.

This is a relatively easier way to take a screenshot if you are working on several things and immediately want to take a screenshot.