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Samsung Z3 is The Next Tizen Smartphone


Previously, we reported that Samsung Z1 – the Tizen-powered smartphone by Samsung – has hit the 1 Million sales mark.

Considering the success of the Tizen OS, Samsung has planned to release more smartphones powered by Tizen OS, by the end of the year.

Recently, we have been reported that Samsung is looking forward to release another Tizen-powered smartphone in a mid-end price range.

Samsung will be releasing the Z3 with enhanced hardware, and a larger display. We have been reported recently that Samsung will be releasing it in the upcoming weeks.

However, it has not been confirmed officially by Samsung. Moreover, we have also been informed about the model number of the device, which is going to be SM-Z300H.

It is widely expected that the Samsung Z3 will be the next Tizen smartphone to surface in the market after the Z1.

The Samsung Z1 was unable to impress us with its sub-par hardware. The Samsung Z1 featured a dual-core processor paired with 512MB of RAM.

Moreover, it also featured a 3.2-Megapixel rear camera. Despite the poor hardware, the Samsung Z1 was able to provide the users with a snappier user experience, as compared to the Android phones by Samsung in the same price range.

The Samsung Z3 is expected to be a mid-end smartphone, with 5-inch display. Moreover, it is rumored that it will be featuring a quad-core processor, and 1GB of RAM.

The Samsung Z3 will be running on the latest version of the Tizen OS – 3.0, and will be backed by a battery of 2,000mAh.

It is still unclear when the Samsung Z3 will be officially announced, but it is expected to be introduced very soon.