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Samsung Z1 Sales Hit 1 Million, Plans Gold Variant


Back in January, this year, Samsung launched the Samsung Z1. The Samsung Z1 was powered by Samsung’s very own Tizen OS. Recently, we have been reported that Samsung has sold over 1 million units of Samsung Z1. This is a very significant milestone for Samsung, as it has sold over 1 million units of a smartphone that is powered by their own operating system, instead of Android.

Samsung has been introducing smartphones powered by the Android OS for a while now. The Samsung Z1 was the first smartphone introduced by Samsung, which is powered by the Samsung’s Tizen OS. Samsung has spent years of research for developing the Tizen OS to the stage it is today. Samsung has been able to sell 1 million units in a time period of 6 months.

According to the sales & market representative of Samsung India, the sales of the Z1 went better than expected by the organization. Now, Samsung is looking forward to introduce more smartphones powered by the Tizen OS by the end of this year. The new smartphones will feature new messaging apps and games, and will be sold in an affordable price range.

The Tizen-powered, Samsung Z1, was able to capture 7% shares of the smartphone market under $100 price tag, in India. According to the representatives of Samsung, it is a pleasant achievement. If Samsung wants to take over the low-budget smartphone market, then it has to introduce more applications for the users.

In this regard, Samsung is striving to draw the attention of app developers for the development of applications on the Tizen platform. The representative of Samsung India also reported that Samsung will be introducing a new range of Tizen-powered smartphone, in every price range.