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Iconic UX will Replace TouchWiz on Galaxy Smartphones?

There are a lot of love and hate towards the Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. Some think it differentiate Samsung Galaxy phones from rest of the Android crowd, but on the other hand some complain about its slow speed. Samsung worked on TouchWiz interface over the years and the latest TouchWiz interface on Galaxy Note 4 seems fast and smooth.

But if the rumors are true, Samsung is not happy with TouchWiz interface and the legacy user interface will be replaced by Iconic UX, a new interface designed by Samsung design team. It also looks like, there is some truth in this news as Samsung filed patents or the Iconic UX, which confirms the name and also some of the features that we can look forward to.

In Iconic US users can swipe between UI elements and this will reveal additional categories like the gallery, music player, calendar and more. There are also rumors that Iconic UX will only be available for Tizen OS, but history suggests that Samsung tries to keep the same design pattern over different devices. This means Iconic UX interface may also come to Android smartphones.