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Galaxy S6 Edge Saves a Man from Certain Death in The Paris Terror Attack

Apparently a man’s life had been saved by the Samsung made galaxy s6 edge in the co-ordinated attack that brought Paris to its knees. The Islamic state have created havoc and targeted innocent civilians in an act of revenge.

A man claimed that he is still alive after the Paris terror attack because of his phone. The man named Sylvestre was at the scene of attack and had been talking on the phone when the shrapnel that blew from the blast struck his phone. The piece was big enough to kill a human when struck at the right spot.

“Look here, this is my galaxy s6 edge that saved my life, otherwise my head would’ve exploded,” he told itele in French.

The incident happened just outside the stadia de France where the innocent’s lives had been claimed due to the havoc created by the Islamic extremists. Sylvestre wasn’t completely unhurt. He suffered minor injuries to his torso where a bullet grazed and was also shot in the foot. I would say it’s a miracle that he is alive given the condition of the galaxy s6 edge.

Well, it good to know that at least one life had been saved even though the hero is the galaxy s6 edge.

Technology played an important role in saving human lives as smartphone which is in hands of almost every one flashed news about terror attack and Facebook has created a safety check that will allow anyone to get the updates about the terror attack immediately and assisted in avoiding further loss of lives and confusion. This tool helped people to let their friends and family members know that they are safe and alive.

More than 130 people have lost their lives and many more have been injured in this attack and the French president has declared this incident as an act of war and vowed to take revenge against the responsible personals.





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