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Samsung Absolutely Smashed Apple This Diwali

iphones-fbDiwali is the thanksgiving season of India and people go all out to buy gifts for themselves and their loved ones. But even that want not enough for apple to sell its newest iPhone. Samsung, on the contrary, has sold bucket loads of phone to consumers with attractive EMI free offers and brilliant advertisement.

In fact, retailers have informed that last year’s iPhone e 6 garnered more attention than the apple’s iPhone 6s owing to the fact that the latter’s price is absolutely astronomical. The entry level iPhone 6s 16 GB is priced at 62,000 inr. A couple of HD movies and few hundred live photos and your phone is already reaching the top. 64 GB phone retails for 72,000 inr. That’s $1090. Naturally apple wasn’t able to sell iPhone in large numbers and the retailers are clearly disappointed. High tax rates and weak exchange rate has made India the most expensive place in the world to buy an iPhone. Even apple doesn’t want to lower the price or offer freebies and sellers cannot offer heavy discount on a product that is relatively new without apple permission.maxresdefault

Samsung had an absolute blast this Diwali with new models such as the galaxy J7, On5 and On7. These excellent phones with low price tag attracted the most number of consumer. But that’s not the end of the story, Samsung has managed to sell large quantities of the galaxy s6 and the note 5.

This success can be attributed strategic price cut and attractive offers such as EMI schemes and freebies like wireless chargers and cover cases. the base model comes with a 32 GB of memory sold the most units in the premium segment.