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LG V10 Vs Galaxy S6 Edge+


Additional screens that complements the primary screen seems to be the trend of today’s smartphone manufacturers. Samsung made the excellent s6 edge+ that compelled the consumers drool over the product and now LG is following suit with its own ultra-premium LG V10. Like the s6 edge+ curved display, the V10 houses a secondary display that is always on and placed top of the primary display. But in my opinion, the secondary screen is more like a ticker than a display.

Both the phones offer 5.7 inch quad HD display that have excellent viewing angles and contrast levels. Both houses excellent back camera but the V10 has a dual camera setup in the front. That a first in the mobile world. one camera will take excellent shot of your selfie and the other will take that priceless grouphie with a wide angle lens.

LG_V10_Second_Screen.0 lg-v10-camera-manual-video

But how are these extra screens useful?

S6 edge+ screen can have the ticker feed on an edge and 5 important contacts you are always in touch. The other edge has the apps and can be launched wherever you are in the OS. Similar to the s6 edge+, the V10 screen can display messages and emails when you receive them. the ticker display always shows the time or any other notification if you receive them.

The secondary display is really useful in the V10 while watching videos and while in the camera app shooting videos and photos. the music player controls are always there when you are listening to music and the screen is off. While in the camera app, the secondary screen will display various modes making it easier instead of digging into the setting maze. But all this won’t come cheap. The phone will cost you anything from $750 to $850 depending on where you live. What do you thing about this expensive smartphone?


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