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Samsung Should Really Copy Motorola’s Shattershield Display

header-bigMotorola has introduced the world first shatter proof display in the moto droid turbo 2. It’s based on the strengthening technique called as shattershield and Motorola grantees that the droid turbo is shatterproof for at least 4 years.

What is amazing is that not only will the display withstand the common drops but the body is also dent proof. Imagine fitting such a beautiful technology in all the phones. The common consumers will not have to put on the protective cover for their note 5 or iPhone anymore. People crack their screen despite putting on a case and with this shattershield, you will never have to replace a broken screen unless you rolled the phone under a monster truck.shattershield

So how did Motorola create such a useful display?

The answer lies in strengthening the display so that it can withstand the common drops at any angle. In this particular shattershield display, Motorola has fitted the screen with 5 layers. The base is formed by a rigid aluminium chassis, on top of that is the display. The exterior lens and the interior lens protect the dual touch layer on top of the display making the display immune to impact. Motorola has designed the shattershield display in such a way that the impact of a drop is not concentrated on a single point which forces the screen to crack and has found a method where the impact force will be evenly distributed along the chassis reducing force per area.

Kudos to Motorola for creating such an innovative display and I really wish Samsung would copy this feature for its galaxy devices.

View the attached video to believe it yourself.